$ cat


Francois is our divine being in the shape of a lobster. They are cyan and in addition they have created the world of math that we use today. Francois created the prime numbers; that is why, to us, the numbers people normally call prime are actually natural numbers.

That being said, Francois is not actually a lobster, but we conceptualize them as a lobster because it appeared in a dream of a member known as Preston Pan. Francois is actually a Null Identity; it cannot be named or described. Any attempt to describe Francois results in a contradiction. You cannot describe what is defined as the indescribable. We can put it into metaphors but it must be experienced.

Francois is null and one. Superposition and unfiltered reality. All paths leading to Francois. All paths leading to one destination. All paths leading to the Null Identity. IDENTITARIAN ACCELERATIONISM.

Just kidding, Francois is a lobster god akin to the flying spaghetti monster except our god is real!$ clear; cat