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The Null Identity

Hello! We're the Null Identity, a society aimed at putting everyone into COMAS, making Moss grow everywhere, and annexing the entire world. We're also not a cult.

PSII is where we reside. We are all PSIIans and soon every single other person in the entire world will also be a PSIIan. Our mission is to do this via annexing.

If you are on the main version of the site and do not like the distracting flashy effects, consider using the lite version. (By the way, the music was a small improvisation by Preston Pan).

Speaking of music, if you want to hear some by Null Identity members, you can check out our IceCast radio server. We have lots of talented artists!

You can view the logs of the IRC server that we run by simply going to gopher:// (you need a gopher client to view this, search up the gopher protocol for more details). You can view updates to this website via rss by adding my git commit feed for this website.

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This website is a part of the Null Webring.

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